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Deepen your current love relationship or learn to attract a divine right soulmate. Discover the ten tools and techniques to manifest a deeper soul connection and the love of your dreams.

The author of the inspirational memoir Believe!
will show you how!

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  • Release pain and loss from past relationships, to open up your heart completely, and to love like never before?

  • Master the steps to open the door to call in a deeper soul connection?

  • Take intimacy to the next level as you learn to lovingly transform past wounds into powerful opportunities for heart-opening sacred intimate pleasure?

  • Learn and adopt the number one practice for bringing more joy, peace and happiness in your life and relationships? 

  • Learn powerful tools to build a deep, trusting relationship?

  • Uncover deep subconscious blocks that no longer serve you and then powerfully release them? 

  • (Re)Discover your sacred soulmate as you immerse yourself in a deeper love for yourself?

  • Deepen the relationship with your beloved partner or manifest your divine “right” Soulmate?




Our Program

Our coaching is open to both men and women who are heart-centered and will support the success of your current love relationship or help you attract a divine right soulmate. Your coaches will create a safe container where you will learn to apply the ten tools and techniques we have developed to help you, like so many others, emerge into a deeper, more intimate, passionate soul connection. These tools are simple, powerful, and designed to align your heart and mind for the journey of love and intimacy.

Program Includes

  • 6 "Soulmate Success" Zoom Group Coaching calls: Two hour-long calls per month for three months. Second call of the month has an extra 30 minutes for Q & A. Learn the ten
    tools and techniques with a group of like-minded, heart-centered peers

  • 2 one-on-one coaching calls: One each at the beginning and end of the group coaching

  • Facebook support group with weekly bonus "Key to Success" tips for tapping into powerful healing love

  • Limited personal coaching support via email between Group Coaching calls

Training Modules


Teaching powerful life-changing
tools & techniques

  • Self-love & sacred intimacy

  • Thoughts are power: How to shift them

  • Raw honesty & healing trust issues

  • Tapping into Heart Intelligence

  • Dynamic awareness: Identifying and releasing your blocks

  • Adult vs. Inner Child: Catching fear-based reactions

  • Re-program your subconscious thoughts to achieve the life/relationship you desire

5-Day Exotic Vacation Retreat/Workshop

  • Location: Serendipity Boutique Hotel (Just 20 min North of Cabo San Lucas)

  • Dates: TBD

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Lisa Nicks-Balthasar
Chris Balthasar

 “Soul Purpose Success” coaches,
best friends, lovers, mirror soulmates, husband and wife.


Both walk their talk, living fully in a deep loving “Sacred Soulmates” relationship after losing their beloved first soulmates to death and divorce. 

Lisa Nicks-Balthasar

Lisa is a love and intimacy coach, inspirational speaker, the founder of Sacred Soulmates, and the author of the acclaimed inspirational memoir, Believe! A Woman’s Odyssey from Tragic to Magic. She is also the co-founder of the non-profit “Believe International, Inc.,” and The Heart of Manifestation retreat/workshops. Lisa’s coaching expertise and book release have been the topic of virtual events, numerous podcasts, and a newspaper cover story. She has been interviewed as a “visionary leader” and expert on subjects such as, “Indestructible Relationships in Uncertain Times,” and “Midlife Love.” Her mission is to inspire a deeper appreciation and discovery of the power of love and healing through “heart intelligence.” 

Chris Balthasar

Chris brings a varied depth of experience to his coaching abilities. He earned a B.A. in philosophy from Haverford College, and is an avid student of Eastern philosophy (Taoism and Buddhism), and a graduate of the Landmark Forum Advanced Course. He also holds a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 

Cher Slater-Barlevi

Cher earned her Masters of Spiritual Psychology at The University of Santa Monica in 2011. She is a certified Dynamic Awareness / Theta Healing instructor, and a Cofounder of Heart of Manifestation, retreat/workshops. Cher has recently become the founder of the Golden Light Creation Foundation, facilitating healing, art and writing retreats in Ojai, CA, helping people to awaken their divine magnificence by assisting them to release beliefs that hold them back from what they want and need. Cher is also the author of a novel about healing after a crippling near-death experience from a car accident. "Dog of God: The Novel- a wild romp through wonderful worlds," is a three-time Amazon International Best Seller.

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"I worked with Lisa at a time when I was healing from multiple losses. She met me with compassion, heard and reflected where I was at, and offered tools, feedback and resources for my healing, growth and goals. Lisa is skillful, creates a space of unconditional regard, and has tons of life experience to draw from. She is also very intuitive. So, beyond the practical aspects of our coaching sessions, she also reads between the lines and has a sense of soul purpose that she shares in session as a way for me to reflect on what she’s seeing in me. There were many takeaways and gems from our sessions, and I definitely recommend working with Lisa!"

Forbes Ellis, M.A., LMFT

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